Sharon Porpiglia, Photographer

As a child born and raised in Connecticut, I yearned to explore and travel. After graduating college, I went to work, started a family and traveled whenever we could. We moved often and I have had the fortune to live in many areas of the United States; each with it's own unique qualities and beauty. My two daughters now live in New Jersey and Tennessee and are busy with their own lives. For the past several years, my husband and I have made our home in Goshen, Connecticut.

Since leaving government service several years ago, I found the opportunity to pursue many interests that I did not previously have the time for. Photography and travel are two that have become almost obsessions. Capturing the special moments, a detail of a trip or the colors of our world, these are what draw me and what I try to show in my photos.

Photo Acknowledgements: "About the Artist" top photo-Al Yenchick,
"About the Artist" bottom photo-Joe Porpiglia, Site header photo-Lynne Porpiglia

Artist Statement 

"The details of our world are full of color and symmetry whether man-made or natural. It never ceases to amaze me how much there is to see around us; from the common and ordinary to works of art.

I have always been curious and love to explore, this is a pursuit that gets stronger every year as I travel the world as well as my own backyard.

I cannot draw, paint or sculpt, but I have my camera. Being outside with time to explore my surroundings are some of my happiest moments; wandering around letting my eye lead the way.

There are so many details of our world I find interesting whether it is a vegetable stand, a window setting, a flower, a simple attempt to capture a moment in time or a reflection.

Our world is full of color; it enriches us, soothes us and reflects our moods. I just try to capture it with my lens and hope that others see and find enjoyable what I view about our world."

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